In addition to sound production, Audiotech, s.r.o. also offers complete sound postproduction for visual materials; in particular TV ads, promotional films, animation for presentations or graphics for CD-ROM and Web pages. The technical capabilities of our facilities enable full synchronization of soundtracks with picture. All projects - including visual materials - are archived in digital form. This allows easy and quick access to change or update any individual aspect of the project throughout the production process. Sound tracks are archived separately for later remix. Short visual material (mainly TV ads and promotional videos) is recorded directly to our hard-disk editing system. As an additional step, the video is archived on D3 digital cassette (digital video without compression).


Editing – Video Transfer – Audio Transfer Because Audiotech is equipped with analogue video editing, we also offer the possibility to edit in Betacam SP or Betacam Digital format.

The initial input video format can be Betacam SP, S-VHS, VHS, DV, Digital D3, or any other current digital format including CD (avi, mov, tiff, Mpeg2, DivX, etc.). Besides transferring between formats, AudioTech, s.r.o. can transfer any format to VideoCD and SupervideoCD which offers a final product playable on many consumer DVD players and common PC CD drive mechanisms. For presentation purposes we offer DivX or Mpeg2 formatted video materials. The original video can be in any format and only depends on the client’s requests. Audiotech, s.r.o. can also, at a client’s request, provide duplication services, including booklets and print material, for small to large runs of media. Short video sequences (TV spots, promotional video spots, etc.) are sent to the client via email attachment in MPEG2 or DivX format.


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