AudioTech’s own production facilities are of the highest professional quality.  Our technology is regularly upgraded in accordance with new technological trends and customer requests.  Because of ever-increasing customer demand, our production capacity has increased threefold since our inception. Since establishing the company the production facilities have been expanded 3 times. In 2007 we opened a production center in Plzeƈ with 3 fully equipped studios. Recently, in March of 2011 we launched an additional production center in Hradec Králové.



AudioTech, s.r.o. is contributing to the increase in quality in audiovisual creation in the Czech Republic.  We regularly cooperate in co-organizing conferences for experts in the field (for example the NAB European Conference).   Company representatives are also regularly called on to participate as judges in specialist competitions (the Bohemia Radio Prize, The Golden Web).

AudioTech’s core business philosophy is maximum flexibility to customers’ needs coupled with respectability and reliability in business relationships.  There have been no lawsuits filed against Audiotech s.r.o.; the company’s accounting is audited, and to this date there have been no late payment complaints filed either by business partners or state agencies.

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